Responsible Gambling

Playing casino online should be a fun experience and be considered as entertainment. Its important that you are aware of the various signs of problem gambling and know how to play responsible. On this page, you will find all the resources, information and tools, that will help you to develop a good and healthy relationship with gambling online.


About Responsible Gambling

The vast majority of casino players considers online gambling as entertainment. But sadly, there are some players that develop gambling problems. To be addicted to online gambling is a problem and a serious one that is affecting millions of people arounnd the world. We would like to bring attention to this prpblem. This page is created for our readers, so that they have tips and advice on how to pay more responsible. Here you will be able to read about the avalible resources and tools, and also be able to spot the signs of online gambling.

Advice On How To Play Responsibly

We here at Fast Payout Casinos take gambling serious, and also gambling addiction, and so should everyone that plays casino online. When playing responsibly, it means that you only play for funds that you can afford to lose, and at the same time being aware of the risks associated with gambling online. Below we have collected a few tips and recommendations that we feel each player should follow:

Never chase your losses: If you lose while playing, we recommend that you take a break from playing for a while, instead of playing more. Take a breather instead and resume if you have the funds

Remember that casino gambling is for fun: This is the number one rule, playing casino online is only for fun and entertainment, and shoud not be seen as an income stream. The casino always wins in the long run. Dont play for money your not prepared to lose.

Be aware of the time and money you spend: Always setup a gambling budget for yourself and decide how much time you will be spending on playing casin beforehand. Its a good idea to always write down the amount you deposit,win or lose on a reguar basis.

Use deposit limits: Most casinos online will offer you various responsible gambling tools. You can read more about the various tools below.

Gambling Limits And Gambling Tools

Many players are not aware that most of the casino sites now days, offers responsible gambling tools. Casinos that has a licens by MGA are required to allow all their players to set deposit limits, timeouts and loss limits. The sad part is that some casino sites dont offer these tools, but you can often just contact the customer support to get your account closed down, or to set various limits. You find the most common responsible gambling tools down below.

Self Exclusions

When you want to stop playing casino online, you can use self-exclusion tools. These tools will allow you to get your account close indefinitely. This means that you wont be able to login to your casino account and play at all. In addition, you will not get any more emails or messages from the casino regarding casino bonuses or campaigns.


This tool will allow you to out a pause on your account. For example if you wanted to close your account for a week or a month, you set the period and when the period is over your account is active again.

Deposit Limits

With a deposit limit, you can decide how much you will be able to deposit to the casino on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.When you reach your deposit limit you cant make any more deposits on the site,

Loss Limits

A loss limit is almost like a deposit limit, but this limit is based on your losses instead of your deposits. When you decide to set a loss imit, you wont be able to play more after you loss that amount that you set as a loss limit.

Session Reminder

With most casino sites online, you can activate the so called session reminder. This reminder helps you to track how long you have been playing at the casino.


Are You a Problem Gambler?

Its really important that you can identify the various signs of compulsive gambling, If you get the feeling that your casino gambling, is no more fun, and that you are losing more money than you win, it is possible that you have a gambling problem. Here is our list of some signs that lets you know if you might have a gambling problem.

✅You have been playing for more money than you have.

✅You feel like you need to deposit more money to get the same happy feeling.

✅You keep trying to win back the money that you have lost.

✅You have start selling your items to deposit more money at the casino

✅You hae gotten health problems like anxiety and stress.

✅You are in financial problems.

✅You feel guilt when you play casino online.

Visit the NHS website for more information.

Resources and More Information

Here you have a list of places that can help you with you gambling addiction. We have collected the best list of websites that can help you with your gambling addiction. If you ever want to talk to someone about your addiction, we recommend that you contact one of these.